The Challenge

Flight Riot was a blog started by Brenden Duffy to share his personal research with drone photogrammetry and post processing. The site began to collect a few registered users who would share and comment. However, the current layout lacked any community functions. In addition, users had no dedicated areas to post their own work, create groups, or upload examples.

The Solution

I restructured the existing blog topics into more effective parent/child relationships and eliminated unused or duplicate topics. I added a fully functional forum section that allowed users to post their own questions. In addition I added a community section that allowed users to start their own public/private groups that included personal pages with the ability to upload files of their own work.

Redesigned with Room to Grow


Taxonomy Restructure

I restructured the existing site structure to eliminate or promote topics. This includes adding relevant redirects to ensure no SEO penalties.

Hosting Migration

Budget hosting companies cram multiple sites onto budget servers. I ensured a full file and database migration to a reliable monitored host.

Member, Admin, and Webmaster

Proud to be not only the admin and webmaster for FR, but an early member as well. Nobody cared for the well being of FR like I did.

Reuel joined Flight Riot early as a contributing member and contacted me early with his ideas to unlock the true potential of the site. He rebuilt Flight Riot into a community platform that allowed users from all over the world to connect and share their work and ideas like never before. After completetion, he continued to maintain, host, and secure the site to ensure my investment was well looked after.

-Brenden Duffy

Building a Community


Enhanced Forums

Forums are a wealth of knowledge and built by the community itself. The forums I built were designed to encourage a sense of inclusion.

Public and Private Groups

My intentions early on were to allow FR to rebuild itself. Giving the community the tools and seeing what they would build.

A Space to Call Your Own

Allowing each member to have their own identity and profile space encouraged them to connect with each other and share their work.

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