The Challenge

As a new ecommerce company, Bronzeday has chosen to carry a very specific niche of products, bronze statuary. They needed a proven ecommerce platform with the ability to create collections of products with a heavy emphasis on SEO and keyword placement. BD also needed a suite of integrated payment gateways and in depth reporting including Google analytics integration.

The Solution

An ambitious project involving over 450 initial products that were imported from different suppliers. We imported thousands of product images and wrote custom product titles, descriptions, shipping terms, and all site copy.  BD needed someone to take full ownership of the site design including all site graphics.

Graphic and Web Design

Custom Collection Graphics

A picture is worth how many words? When selling tangible products online, the right picture or graphic is priceless.

Logo Design

Multiple versions for web and print including favicon and floating navigation vector logos.

Customized Selling Platform

We helped BD separate themselves from others in their niche and those using the same platform with a heavily customized theme.

We knew that we wanted our collections and products to be built from sound keyword research to increase our chances of success. ESC did the research before any web design was actually completed. They helped guide our efforts by setting up a robust platform with unique customized product descriptions, optimized images, all written content, and graphic design. A hard working digital design agency that basically took care of every detail.

-Erica H.

Keywords and eCommerce


Niche and Competitor Research

Know your competition. We helped BD understand the difficulty to rank in their niche and who they were going up against.

Seamless Shopping Platform

There are lots of ecommerce platforms out there. Not all are created equal. We helped BD find the right one for their needs.


Categories and Content

Almost 500 products on BD each with a custom description designed to rank. Image alt text, and collection grouping, all to help build their brand.

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