I design websites and other cool stuff

So you don’t have to!

My name is Reuel, an Atlanta Based Digital Designer. I’ll build and host your secure websites. Design your logo and business documents. Manage the email marketing campaigns. Write focused and relevant site copy, edit images, and optimize onsite SEO.

Digital & Web Design

With a focus on what matters most. You!

I build, host, and secure websites. Design logos and business documents. Manage email marketing campaigns. Write site copy, edit images, and optimize onsite SEO. Why? So you don’t have to.


Web  |  Graphic  |  Print

Blogs, banners, and business cards.  I use my creative and technical abilities to provide unique and functional solutions. Solutions that are not only visually appealing but crafted to add value. We’ll also work to push your brand forward through fresh and focused copywriting and content updates. The internet never sits still, neither should you.


List Growth  |  Campaigns  |  Insights

Email marketing lives and dies by the ‘List’. I’ll design your website to capture and grow yours. Then we’ll grow your email list and engage with them through beautiful marketing campaigns.


Contacts  |  Clients  |  Customers

Ecommerce, business, and subscription sites can be turned into amazing managment tools. Let’s setup a custom CRM, online store, or registerd user site for you and unlock that potential.



Reliable Hosting  |  Security  |  Updates

Behind every great website, is a paranoid web designer monitoring your site’s daily firewall, backup, antivirus, and login activity. Well…if you work with, that comes standard.


Value First. Design Second

Value! Your online presence is meaningless without it. A website is more than a digital business card. It is a valuable investment with reach and potential. You’ve just found a web designer who knows the difference.

Number of new client email subscribers after 1 year of list building & campaigns

Number of keyword focused product descriptions I wrote for ecommerce client


Increase of registered users 16 months after the redesign of a drone mapping site


18 month average open rate of my email campaigns above industry average

Skills and Highlights

  • Web Design 90%
  • Graphic Design 70%
  • Email Marketing 80%
  • Customer Management 75%
  • Business Print Design 70%
  • Ability to watch another YouTube video after swearing I was only going to watch this one 100%

Words of Confidence

Sometimes called clients. Always called friends.

Reuel not only designed and maintained our website, but also designed our logo, business cards and service documents (flyers, pamphlets, etc.) and implemented a full e-commerce store for our internationally shipped products. His attention to detail, forethought, and great communication helped us to focus on our core business.

Thomas Reinsel

Ready to Drone

We wanted a website, logo, and software eCommerce store that would highlight our digital products and allow us to manage our clients. Reuel gave us all that including a customized eCommerce solution that met our product’s unique deployment and activation requirements. Even under rushed deadlines on numerous occasions, he delivered.

Shawn Vickers

Wildlife Information Systems

Reuel helped us build our brand new online identity by hosting, securing, and designing our company website. His customized writing and design style ensure that our monthly sales, events, and email campaigns remain as unique as we are. If you’re looking for someone you can trust to do it all, look no further.

Emily Hunter

Spring Creek Gardens

Reuel joined Flight Riot as a contributing member and contacted me with his ideas to redesign the site.  He rebuilt FR into a community platform that allowed users  to connect and share their work and ideas. After completetion, he continued to maintain, host, and secure the site to ensure my investment.

Brenden Duffy

Flight Riot

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Peanut butter and Jelly, Mac and Cheese, Burger and Fries. Great relationships have to start somewhere; why not here.

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Meet the Team at Edgar Source Code

Reuel Edgar

Reuel Edgar

Founder, Designer, Grilled Cheese Maker

Currently living in Atlanta. I attended Middle Georgia State University where I studied Information Technology with a concentration in Software Development. I really enjoy partnering with and working for new small businesses and startups to help them establish their online identities.



Head of Security

Not a wind swept leaf, sparrow, or FedEx truck passes by the office window without being thouroughly acknowledged. When not hard at work, Simon enjoys naps on the couch and licking the side of the dishwasher.

Emma, Elise, Eden

Emma, Elise, Eden

Interns, Quality Assurance, Minecraft Play Testers

“Needs more pink”, “You should add some rainbows”, “Can I have a snack?” Nuggets of wisdom from my in house design testers. Always appy to provide meaningful criticism on my design work.