Design Survey

The purpose of this web design questionnaire is to provide us with a basic outline for determining your website design and development objectives. Your input is the foundation of a successful project. This questionnaire will help us articulate, identify, and agree upon the overall goals of your project, and sharpen your thinking regarding message, audience, content, look, feel, and functionality.

Contact Information

Communication is important in any relationship; let’s figure out the best way for us to keep in touch.

Contact name



Best time and contact method

Corporate Information

Tell me a little more about your business. This includes any specific contact information you want to include on your website. Not everything is necessary, for example you may not need to provide an address to a physical location.

Company name (legal)

Company name (branding)

Company tag line

Company phone number

Company address

Social media (include links and names as applicable)

Domain Names

The name of your website is a very important part of your overall branding and identity on the internet. If you don’t already have a website or domain name please provide a few choices for consideration (subject to availability).

Do you already have a domain name?

If not, please list up to five of your top choices.


There are literally thousands of hosting companies that will offer to host your site at dirt cheap prices; but keep one thing in mind - you get what you pay for. When it comes to features, service, speed, and support, not all hosting companies are equal and some are downright terrible.

The websites we create can be hosted with another service provider, or with us. Hosting with us will guarantee that all technical requirements for your project will be met, and we will be able to monitor performance and security of your website and provide a greater level of assistance, should any issues arise.

Have you already paid for service with another hosting company?

Would you like us to provide hosting service for you?
YesNoI'd like to hear more

Do you have any additional requirements such as a large number of email accounts, high bandwidth usage, large data storage needs, etc?
NoYes, add details here

Site Purpose and Goals

The successful design of your website depends on clearly established goals and reasonable, measurable expectations. This section is crucial in accurately assessing your needs and establishing what function your website will play in your overall business strategy. Please include as many details of your expectations as possible, including concrete numbers and time-lines if known.

Why do you want a website? For example, to display contact information with a list of services only (static brochure site), develop a list of qualified prospects, sell a service, sell a tangible product, or address specific topics of interest (blog style).

What would you identify as the single, most important purpose of your website?

How do you intend to market your website? For example, business cards, brochures, mailing lists, referrals, paid advertising, social media, etc.

What are your goals for the site in terms of popularity and exposure? For example, I expect 100 visitors a month, a 20% increase in revenue per month, etc.


Knowing what services and products they provide is a good strategy for your business and helps us from a design point of view. Remember, your competition is only a click away.

Find up to five of your competitors websites and list their website addresses.

Use a few key terms to describe what they do or sell.

Favorite Sites

These sites don’t have to belong to your competitors, or even be in the same business realm as you. This will give me an idea of your tastes and design preferences so that your site can better meet your needs.

Please list up to five websites that you like, including their web address.

What do you like about each site?

What would you improve upon?

Least Favorite Sites

Just like the previous question this will help me to get an idea of your tastes and design preferences.

Please list up to five websites that you do not like, including their web address.

What do you not like about each site?

What would you improve upon?

Target Audience

Your website should be designed with your customer in mind. Before we can do this, I’ll need to know more about who they are.

Who are your potential visitors? Try to be as specific as possible by listing age range, race, location, income, etc.

Do you need to make special considerations for users with disabilities, color blindness, deaf or hard or hearing (accessibility)
DefinitelyMaybe yesProbably notUnsure

How technically savvy would you say your site visitors are?
1 = Computer, what's that? 10 = Computer, yeah I invented that!


Your logo is part of your corporate identity and should mix well with your website and any other promotional items you have as part of your marketing strategy.

Do you have a logo for your business already

If no, would you like to us to make one for you (yes/no/lets discuss)
YesNoLet's discuss

If yes, can you provide us with the image files?

Site Images

Typically, you will be responsible for providing the majority of the images displayed on your site, but we can help by searching, adapting, and inserting relevant stock images for your site.

Do you already have all the visual content for your site?

If no, would you like us to find images for you?
YesNoLet's discuss

If yes, can you provide electronic copies for us (note, some editing may be necessary depending on what images are provided).

Copy-Writing and Content

As with site images, you will be responsible for the written content used to fill out the sections of your site. We can help with copy and editing services to ensure you have consistently well written content throughout your site.

Will you provide all the written content of your site?
YesNoNot sure

Not sure? What can we help you with (select any – write all content, edit my content, simple review of my content)
Write all contentEdit my contentSimple review of my contentUndecided

Products and Services (e-commerce)

Do you plan to sell tangible or non-tangible items through your website?
YesNoIn the future, maybe

If yes, do you need a payment gateway linked directly to you site?
YesNoIn the future, maybe

If you have tangible products to sell can you describe a few of your most complex items in detail - size, color, prices, etc?

Site Features

Let’s discuss a few of the features and pages that you’ll want on your website.

List all the relevant pages you’ll need. For example, Home page, about page, product or services pages, photo/video gallery, etc.

How about features. For example contact form, image sliders, sidebars, calendars, video sliders, etc. If not sure, let’s discuss.

User Management

This refers to any portion of your site where you allow visitors to create accounts to access various portions of your sites. Sites that sell products will typically need to include user management sections that keep up with product history and items viewed.

Are you planning on including any user management sections for your site?
YesNoIn the future maybe

If yes, please list levels of access and which pages features apply to each level (as best you can).

Absolute No-No’s

Do you have any definite remarks on what you don’t want to have on your website? (Flash, splash page, the color pink?) Sharing why you don’t want a feature will help me get an understanding of your user experience tastes, so feel free to elaborate.

Did we miss anything?

Please let me know if there are any other concerns, requests, or questions you may have that were not covered in the previous sections?

Enter the number